Friendly Giant Whale Sharks – Oslob, Cebu

Have you ever seen a giant but friendly whale sharks? If not, then it’s your time to see it in person, touch it like your friend. Yes, like your friend because this giant whale sharks were not dangerous instead they’re very friendly to their guest friends who will come to meet them.

Take a look at the pictures below and see how big and friendly they are. These photos were not mine I just grabbed it from another site because I wasn’t able to take photos when I was there.

whale shark

Want to meet the friendly giant whale sharks? Well it’s our pleasure to introduce to you, the proud of Oslob, Cebu, the TUKI or the whale sharks. If you want to see this giant friendly whale sharks, simply from Cebu City you just have to take a ride for a minimum of 3 hours on Sunrays or Ceres bus liner and drop at Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu. The fair for the trip is Php140+, I prefer Sunrays bus for they are from Oslob too so they are much more familiar with the place.  And then when you get there, their is an entrance fee of Php100 and a fee for the bangka, don’t worry it’s not that much however you will really enjoy meeting the friendly whale shark. By the way, this giant whale shark is eating “hipon or uyap” or “small shrimps” so it’s better that you have it before riding the bangka so that the tuki or whale shark will be happy on your meet-ups. Enjoy and don’t forget to take some photos for souvenir.  Have a nice trip to Oslob, Cebu, Philippines.!


7 thoughts on “Friendly Giant Whale Sharks – Oslob, Cebu

    • hi, ang tan.awan unahan sa lungsod sa oslob. if from cebu city adto nalang naog sa tan.awan duretso. but if gikan sa lungsod sakay ka ug jeep or another bus kay wa kaau tricycle nga mulahos ngadto. About sa goggles mura walay free. aw ambot lang sad kay wa man ko kahibaw sad better to secure nalang your own siguro.

      Then ang time nga pwede makita ang whale shark kay mas okay kung morning until 3 kay magsuroy na na sila sa hapon mulakaw na.

  1. nice kau ang oslob labi na mga frndly buntanting whale shark grabe ka hapi labi pud sa bluewater sumilon island resort amazing kau ngadto grabe kau ang exprnce tabok jud ka para lang maka adto sa isla..

    • Hi mamaih,

      yeah nice jud labi nag daghan sila[butanding].. hehe.. maka amaze kaayo.. hmm sumilon is really a great place. wa palang ko kaadto didto. hehe anyway thanks for dropping by.


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