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A super fun Bohol tour

Bohol: The Island of the Famous Chocolate Hills

I’m so proud of myself that after a long year of dreaming to visit Bohol, the long dream has ended because last December 27 – 29 2010 together with my workmates, we went to Bohol for a tour. From Cebu port to Tagbilaran port were very excited of the beautiful spots that we will be visiting.

On day one that was December 27 we arrived in Tagbilaran port, since we already have a tour guide contacted before the tour it’s really easy for us to visit those nice spots there, by the way thanks to Incon Bohol Tours specially to our tour guides, Paul Incon the owner and to Gio our tour guide for the second day and the one who get us in our hotel where we’re staying on the third day, I don’t know his name. On that day too, from port Paul bring us to Hinagdanan Cave, you can see our photo below.

It’s really amazing cave, theirs a water pool inside which is deep and the structures of the stone were very nice. After here, we go straight to our hotel room which was very nice too, I hope I could sleep back there.

On the second day of our tour, it’s time for our country side tour, we went to Baclayon Church, Butterfly sanctuary, Bayoyong, blood compact monument, to a mini zoo were two big snakes were there, then to Loboc River for our lunch, after that we take Zip Line passing across the Loboc River, tarsier sanctuary, man-made forest,  ATV ride, then Chocolate Hills. The second day was really fun, I really have a great day seeing those beautiful places in Bohol. Pictures on our second day tour below.

At Baclayon Church the second oldest church in the Philippines. 


Bayoyong, the 65 year old man.

Butterfly on the flower at butterfly sanctuary

Blood Compact Monument 

Big snake. 

Buffet Lunch at Loboc River 

Group ride crossing the Loboc River

Hello Tarsier.

At man made forest. 

Funny ATV ride the best among all.

At the top of the mountain viewing the Chocolate Hills

That’s the end of our tiring second day country side tour, and on our third day of tour I think it’s more exciting because we rises early to have a dolphin watching, it’s my first time in my entire life to see a real dolphin. See photo below.

 Dolphin watching at sea of Panglao, the photo was not that clear or the dolphins image was very small because it’s very hard to capture the energetic dolphins. They’re many and they’re playing as you can see on the photo.

Snorkeling in Balicasag Island. This island was really nice, lots of corals and lots of fish. I’m feeding them with bread so that they will go nearer to me.

 It’s me, diving on the sea of Balicasag Island.

 In the photo above, it’s me in Virgin Island, it’s a beautiful sand bar Island.

At Panglao Beach, we take a swim after arriving from our Island hopping. Very nice beach promise.

After that we went back to our room because it’s already time to go back to Cebu. The experienced was really amazing and I’m so thankful that once in my life I fulfill one of my dream, to visit Bohols beautiful spots and that experienced will remain forever in my memories. Bohol was a very nice place to be with, quite, simple but has lots of beautiful places. 

If I were you I will also visit the places where we’ve been. It would be easier if you will hire a tour agency like Incon Bohol Tours for you to have an unforgettable experienced too. 

For the Incon Bohol Tours, you can reach them through Mr. Paul Bernard Incon at +639297623614, visit their site http://inconboholtours.webs.com or email them boholtour.incon45@gmail.com. Good luck and don’t forget to bring your cameras.